Audit and Assurance Services

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The team at CCBC will work closely with you to ensure that your desired level of assurance is met. While you focus on the day-to-day tasks of your business, we provide insights that minimize your risk and keep you moving in the right direction.

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Compilation Engagements

Compilation engagements are financial statements that include a notice to reader report, which indicates that the financial statement is unaudited. Simply put, compilation engagements are your company’s financial data presented in a statement format. This service offers no standard of assurance, and is usually prepared to assist businesses with internal analysis and tax compliance.

Review Engagements

Review engagements assess the plausibility of a company’s financial statement figures. We deliver this service by performing various analytical procedures and discussing the financial results with you and your management team. Review engagements provide more assurance than a compilation, but less assurance than an audit. They are usually required for companies that have external third party financing.

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Audit Engagements

Audit engagements provide the highest level of assurance for your financial statements. Our audited statements abide by the requirements of the Canadian Auditing Standards. Audit procedures would build upon those completed under a review engagement and also include verification and substantive procedures to assess the reasonability of the financial statements.

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