Taxation Services

Our expert tax advice puts you on the right path to financial success.

Planning in the present pays off in the future.

Enjoy peace of mind through effective tax planning.

Our approach to tax planning ensures that you don’t pay more tax than you have to, and you don’t miss out on opportunities to receive tax credits and other benefits. We implement tax planning structures that protect you and your family, and make your business easier to run. We help you plan ahead and make you aware of possibilities that you may not have otherwise heard of.

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Reorganization And Estate Planning

As your business grows and evolves, your corporate structure and tax plan may grow too. Depending on your needs, our services include: reorganizing the capital of your company, review of your will and possible taxes at death, and establishing family trusts. Our goal is to structure your business and finances so that liabilities are deferred to the future, and you have more disposable income in the present.

We take our commitment to our clients very seriously, and we are there for them from beginning to end. We encourage clients to take proactive steps while they are still able to do so to reduce hardships on their family later on. We develop an efficient plan for the disposition of your assets, including shares of your corporation. We prevent avoidable costs that your family would otherwise need to cover after your death, such as double taxation on company shares. We file estate tax returns and report income earned by your estate. We ensure compliance in terms of final death liability, and work with executors and trustees to make the process simple.

SRED (Scientific Research And Experimental Development)

SRED is a federal and provincial government incentive program. If your company engages in scientific research or experimental development, you may be eligible to receive refundable or non-refundable tax credits. If your company is engaged in innovative work, we make sure you’re aware of benefits that will support you along the way. We process SRED claims through your corporate tax returns and ensure the taxation and reporting of the credits is completed.

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US Tax And Business Services

Are you thinking of expanding your business across Canada or into the U.S.? We work with our American accounting and legal business associates to help you navigate this process. You’ll develop new business strategies and gain a better understanding of regulations that you’re unfamiliar with. We assist with restructuring your company and any related tax, accounting, and legal compliance issues that arise.

Corporate And Personal Tax Compliance

We have a streamlined process for handling our clients’ corporate tax returns. When handling corporate tax matters, we ensure compliance while taking advantage of any benefits available to your company.

We provide personal tax services for clients who require our professional knowledge in analyzing and filing their personal tax returns. We work with unincorporated sole proprietors and can assist with the transition of incorporating their business.

We can assist in responding to CRA enquiries or audits and have the experience in filing notice of objections and taxpayer relief requests to fight CRA assessments or reassessments.

PREC (Personal Real Estate Corporation)

CCBC will guide you through the process of creating your own Personal Real Estate Corporation. This is an exciting new option for agents and brokers. We will advise you on how to incorporate your real estate business and make sure that you complete the correct steps from start to finish. We believe this opportunity will bring your business to new heights, and we will do what it takes to assist you along the way.

Business Start-Up And Structuring Services


At CCBC, you discuss the pros and cons of operating your business as a sole-proprietorship or an incorporated entity. We guide you through making important decisions, including:

  • Personal vs. corporate income taxes
  • Income splitting
  • Deductibility of expenses
  • Business and tax compliance requirements
  • Tax planning

Professional Medical And Dental Corporations

You shouldn’t have to choose between providing outstanding care for your patients and running an efficient practice. Working with CCBC allows you to focus on the work you’re passionate about while we handle the rest. Our services cover every area of your business, from accounting to challenging decisions that you’re not equipped to make on your own. We work with you to determine whether it is feasible to incorporate your business. In addition, we help you decide on potential income splitting with your family members. We connect you with lawyers who will aid in the incorporation process and seek approval from governing bodies.

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